Bringing Imagination to Life On Mobile

Our Story

Founded in late 2014, TreasureHunt is a Berlin based studio composed of very passionate and creative industry veterans from EA, King, Zynga, Rovio, WETA and many more with decades of combined entertainment and games industry experience creating best-in-class games. The team has a great track record of creating successful premium quality games for multiple platforms.

The name, TreasureHunt, reflects our belief that the creation of every great game is an exciting journey that you go on with a group of people driven with that common destination.

We’re TreasureHunt because we’re in the search for undiscovered fun.

Our Games

Because games on every platform should amaze in big ways. Therefore we’re aiming to elevate the gaming experience on mobile platforms. Check out our games:


Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise is a colourful and fun adventurous bubble shooter game.

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Boomie Blast

Blast your way through enemies in this action packed 3D arcade adventure.

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